Physio-chemical Parameters of Wastewater from Food Industries of Faisalabad

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Muhammad Naveed
Rafakat Sajjad
Nida Talat
Umay Habiba
Muhammad Idrees
Muhammad Umer Mukhtar
Muhammad Waqar
Muhammad Afzaal Akram


Food waste or food loss is food that is unnecessary or lost uneaten. The reasons of food waste or loss are various and take place at the stages of production, processing, transaction and utilization. The main objective of this study was to access the quality of groundwater in Faisalabad city.               From different food industries of Faisalabad water samples were collected to estimate their physicochemical parameters. The physiochemical parameters such as (pH, Electrical conductivity, Total dissolved solids, Calcium, Bi-carbonates, Total Hardness and chloride) were analyzed and their values were compared with the standard values. In the majority of the industries waste, water was not up to the mark. pH, TSS, EC and Chlorides values were out of range in most of the samples. On the completion of data physiochemical parameters of groundwater, statistical analysis was applied. Descriptive statistics were carried out to evaluate the significant differences between means of samples.

Food, industries, wastewater, parameters.

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Naveed, M., Sajjad, R., Talat, N., Habiba, U., Idrees, M., Umer Mukhtar, M., Waqar, M., & Afzaal Akram, M. (2020). Physio-chemical Parameters of Wastewater from Food Industries of Faisalabad. Asian Journal of Geographical Research, 3(1), 28-34.
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