Monitoring and Exploring the Spatio-temporal Variation of Physico-chemical Parameters of River Hadejia, Nigeria; Using Statistical Approach

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Maryam Babangida Adam
Jibrin Gambo
Edegbene A. Ovie


This study is aimed at assessing the ecological health condition of River Hadejia. The specific objectives are to; determine the monthly variation of the Physico-chemical parameters of River Hadejia. The physicochemical analysis carried out on the water samples are: pH, temperature, Electrical Conductivity, TDS, Turbidity, Nitrate, Phosphate, DO, BOD, Transparency, Depth and flow velocity which were determined by standard methods. The results of Physico-chemical parameters obtained were subjected to ANOVA using statistical package software, the mean conductivity values range between (104-127 μS/cm). Nitrate in this study ranged from 0.04–0.80 mg/l and Station 3 had the highest nitrate value. The mean turbidity values obtained from the water samples of River Hadejia ranges from 124.56±11.06-149.52±23.11. Moreover, the temperature of Hadejia River varied from 13ºC to 28ºC. The highest temperature was in November at Station 1 while the lowest was recorded in February at station 1 which may be due to cold weather of the morning time.

Variability, assessment, water-quality, river, statistics, Nigeria.

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Adam, M. B., Gambo, J., & Ovie, E. A. (2020). Monitoring and Exploring the Spatio-temporal Variation of Physico-chemical Parameters of River Hadejia, Nigeria; Using Statistical Approach. Asian Journal of Geographical Research, 3(1), 49-63.
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