Considerations on the Main Confrontations of Pollution by the Black Sea Ecosystem

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Bogdan-Vasile Cioruța
Mirela Coman


Until the beginning of the 21st century, concerns related to environmental management have been reduced only to voluntary initiatives of nature lovers, rarely materializing in specific protection and conservation measures carried out by the authorities or administrators of those areas. As the concern for the management of protected areas, in general, of marine areas of community interest, in particular, is relatively new in Romania, and the information related to this subject is relatively little, especially those regarding marine ecosystems. We considered this study as useful to those with concerns in the field. The Black Sea ecosystem, following the analyzes carried out on the basis data from the media and the literature consulted, as well as following other observations, we concluded that it has a significant pollution with plastic waste, and less with petroleum products resulting from accidents and spills. At the same time, the protected areas associated with the Black Sea, as well as the marine ecosystem itself, are far from being affected by such incidents. Through this paper, we aim to review some general aspects of the main problems facing the Black Sea ecosystem, an ecosystem that has great potential to become a sustainable model of community development, promoting in them, more than in other areas, sustainable resource management. We also aim to highlight the evolution of pollution of the ecosystem considered, the study itself relating to the principles of management of protected areas of community interest and good practice policies specific to environmental management.

Coastal pollution, conservation, dangerous substances, ecological consequences

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Cioruța, B.-V., & Coman, M. (2020). Considerations on the Main Confrontations of Pollution by the Black Sea Ecosystem. Asian Journal of Geographical Research, 3(4), 46-55.
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