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Implications of Philately in Promoting the Protected Natural Areas (VII): Retezat National Park, Romania

Bogdan-Vasile Cioruța, Mirela Coman, Alexandru Leonard Pop

Asian Journal of Geographical Research, Page 1-21
DOI: 10.9734/ajgr/2021/v4i230127

The protected natural areas have a special beauty, manifested in terms of landscapes that delight the eye, but especially in the species of flora and fauna that populate them. However, not many of these areas are accessible to the general public. As a result, they are not known and appreciated at their true value. To make them known to all and to show the implications of thematic philately in the promotion of protected areas. This paper aims to discuss a series of significant philatelic features related to the Retezat National Park. The present study is based on an impressive series of stamps, first-day envelopes, occasional envelopes, and illustrated postcards, including maxima, which were collected, indexed, and analyzed in stages. Besides, both official pieces (made under the auspices of the Romanian postal administration) and pieces made for private by entities or collectors are studied. It is thus recorded that the thematic philately is richly nuanced by pieces referring to the Retezat National Park, which implicitly leads to greater visibility of it among the population.

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The Effects of Wetland Droughts on a Reserve in the African Continent

Lawan Bulama, Ejeh Udeh Lawrence, Ahmad Abubakar Umar

Asian Journal of Geographical Research, Page 22-30
DOI: 10.9734/ajgr/2021/v4i230128

Climate change and its attendant fallouts such as drought, flood etc affect every aspects of environment including wetland ecosystem. This paper seeks to examine the effects of droughts on Dagona Waterfowl Sanctuary?an important wintering area for migratory birds in Bade local government, Yobe state, Nigeria. The study used annual rainfall data collected from the archives of the Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET) with respect to Nguru weather station in the area for a period of 1956-2015. Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI) in conjunction with Percentage Deviation Below Mean (PDBM) models were applied for comprehensive drought detection on a time scale of twelve (12) months. SPI anomaly graphs were plotted to depict drought of varying magnitude. The researcher went round the sanctuary and made observations with the help of binocular and telescope. Findings explicitly revealed that the study area was replete with droughts of varying intensities ranging from mild, moderate, severe and extreme ones. And high magnitude droughts led to hydrological changes causing drying up of wetland water, decreased production of seeds that provide forage opportunities, intrusion of invasive species such as typha grasses forming dense biomass that hinder birds to prey on fishes or swim freely. The result of the analysis would add to the mainstream theoretical body of knowledge about droughts effects on wetlands. The research concludes that droughts of high magnitude occurred variably and affected both native and migratory birds in the study area and hence recommend the integration of disasters like drought in the management strategies of the wetlands.

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Implications of Philately in the Representation of the Ceahlau National Park from Romania - An Ecological Revised Case Study

Bogdan-Vasile Cioruța, Alexandru Leonard Pop, Mirela Coman

Asian Journal of Geographical Research, Page 31-43
DOI: 10.9734/ajgr/2021/v4i230129

Romania is a blessed place with many areas of unique beauty - as part of the natural heritage - with places where the spectacle of nature delights your eyes and take your breath with every step. Constantly promoting philatelic themes that use natural wealth and the beauty of our country as subjects, the administrative entity (with various names over time) responsible for issuing postage stamps performs a series of postage stamps in whose images are found rarities of flora and fauna, a miracle of nature. To show that protected natural areas have a special beauty, and to make them known to everyone, we bring to the talk the most significant philatelic peculiarities in the Ceahlau National Park (Romania). In this context, the purpose of the research is to identify, index, analyze, describe and disseminate the main philatelic materials that promote the protected area considered. The realization of the whole approach was based on the information provided by a series of philatelic catalogs and sites with dedicated philatelic content. The results show that the concern for the habitat of the area was remarkable, both the multitude of identified philatelic pieces and their artwork speak for themselves.

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Electrical geophysical method was applied, to select viable area with essential soil nutrients for plant’s growth. Conventional soil test analysis was carried out for the purpose of confirmation. A case study was done at Ukpenu-Ibhiese and Iruekpen in Ekpoma. The result of the electrical resistivity geophysical method showed that southwest and northwest of the area has resistivity values that ranged between 80?m to 170?m while the remaining part of the area has values higher than  170?m, ranged from  580?m to 950?m. Values of organic matter, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium,  obtained from the soil test in area with 80?m to 170?m indicated good proportion of essential soil nutrients for plant growth while area with resistivity values that ranged from 580?m to 950?m was deficient in essential soil nutrients for plant growth. The results further proved that soil electrical physical properties thus detected and mapped can be used as a proxy of physical, chemical, and biological features relevant for the appropriate site selection and soils management, based on their resistivity behavior, spatial variability, and time dynamics in the area of study.

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Sectoral Impacts of Flash Flood in Tanguar Haor in Sunamganj of Bangladesh

Md. Shohel Khan, Mizanur Rahman Apu, Sameena Begum, Mohammad Maruf Billah

Asian Journal of Geographical Research, Page 55-64
DOI: 10.9734/ajgr/2021/v4i230131

Sunamganj is a north-eastern district of Bangladesh is considered a highly flood-prone haor area. Uttar Shreepur Union of Taherpur Upazila of Sunamganj District was selected to conduct the study to find out the causes behind the flash flood, situation analysis during and post-flood and different sectoral impacts of flash flood because these areas were flooded almost every year. Six focus group discussions (FGD) along with a total of 162 households were evenly targeted from six selected villages and a semi-structured self-explorative questionnaire was used to collect primary data. The study revealed that heavy rainfall (92.5%) and low land (53.13%) were the main causes of flood. The study also showed that transportation (84.37%) and agricultural (82.5%) sectors were the most affected, followed by water and sanitation (60%), housing (51.25%), and health (36.62%), respectively; among these, crops (89.37%) and animal husbandry (33.13%) were the most affected part of agriculture, followed by health sector, children (89.37%) and aged people (69.23%) were the most affected and the people were mainly suffered from cold and fever (98.13%), diarrhoea (80.63%), typhoid (27.5%), and dysentery (33.13%), respectively because of the crisis of pure drinking water and poor sanitation system. About 85% respondents stored normal food, followed by dry food (30%), medicine (25%) and water (0.63%), respectively to meet up post-flood food crisis. 62% respondents received flood warning signals by mobile phone (54.37%) followed by, radio/TV (41.87%), relatives (41.25%) and Upazila/Union Parisad (13.75%), respectively. However, various initiatives were taken by GOs and NGOs to build back a better immediate post-flood period. Finally, it is suggested that proper long-term steps should be taken to strengthen resilience and coping capacity for hydrological disasters in the study area.