The Botany of Mungo Park’s Travels in Africa, 1795-1806

R. Trevor Wilson

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Knowledge on the Environmental Disaster Occurrence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: The Case of Flooding and Bushfire in Businga Territory, Nord Ubangi

Koto-te-Nyiwa Ngbolua, André Nzamonga Gamo, Amédée Kundana Gbatea, Trésor Mbombo Limbaya, Adèle Chimanuka Mwinja, Gédéon Bongo Ngiala, Colette Masengo Ashande, Ruphin Djoza Djolu

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Deep Issues behind the Crisis in the Niger Delta Region: The Case of Oil Exploration in Ogoniland, Rivers State, Nigeria

Tombari Bodo

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Analysis of Hydrologic Response Units and Impact of Flooding in Kuala Terengganu Sub-basins River Catchment in Malaysia

Ibrahim Sufiyan, J. I. Magaji, A. T. Oga, I. Zaharaddeen

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Distribution and Economic Potential of Manganese Deposits in Nigeria: A Review

Ojo Adeoye Akintola

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