Dr. Nadhir Al-Ansari

Nadhir Al-Ansari is working as a Professor at the department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering at Lulea Technical University Sweden. Research interests are mainly in Water Resources and Environment. Served several academic administrative post (Dean, Head of Department). Publications include more than 374 articles in international/national journals, chapters in books and 13 books. He executed more than 60 major research projects in Iraq, Jordan and UK. Awarded several scientific and educational awards, among them is the British Council on its 70th Anniversary awarded him top 5 scientists in Cultural Relations. One patent on Physical methods for the separation of iron oxides. Supervised more than 65 postgraduate students at Iraq, Jordan, UK Austaralia universities. Member of several scientific societies e.g. International Association of Hydrological Sciences, Chartered Institution of Water and Environment Management, Network of Iraqi Scientists Abroad, etc. Member of the editorial board of 6 international journals.